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Certified Professional Locksmith Near Me

Locksmith 32825, if you are looking for a locksmith near you, let A Lenny Locksmith help you with your security problems. We are the go to locksmith service provider in the Florida and its surrounding areas.

Below are the services you can trust us with:

  • Home Locksmith Services – installation of door or gate locks or keyless entries, rekeying service for lost or stolen keys, installation of alarms and cctvs.

  • Commercial Locksmith Services – installation of high-end keyless security systems, maintenance and rekeying services during turnovers, safe boxes and vaults, surveillance systems.

  • Car Locksmith Services – all types of vehicles, brands and models, reprogramming of transponders or remote access, rekeying, key duplication, alarm system upgrades, trunk lock and ignition repairs or replacement.

Insured Commercial Service Locksmith Near Me

Unfortunately not all locksmith services insures and apply bonds to the work rendered. A Lenny Locksmith understand how it provides you extra peace of mind when it comes to your property and your family’s security, so we make sure that all our works are covered.

This give you confidence that when our dependable technicians are at their work, they make sure that no damage is done to your homes, offices or vehicles. The car locksmith 32825 will take care of your automobile with the guarantee that we do our best so there’s no unnecessary scratches or dents made to your car door.

24/7 Emergency Assistance Locksmith Near Me

During emergency roadside services, A Lenny car locksmith 32825 will take care of your lock out for you.

We work with any type of vehicles. Our portable workshop allows us to perform rekeying services in less than 15 minutes (maybe more when reprogramming transponders and other keyless controls). What we can assure you is that you will be back driving on the road in as little time as possible.

Call 407-956-2201 for all your locksmith requirements.